Reusing and buying second hand garments can be a good approach to diverting waste from landfill and ensuring the resources and energy used to construct the garment are not wasted unduly.


Buying vintage has been a part of fashion consumption for a long time, and certain items such as leather jackets, denim, boots and designer brands have a high value in the second hand clothing markets.


Whether or not a garment can be reused relates to how it has been designed and manufactured in the first place.


A criticism of some fashion garments is that they are of low quality and will not last. Equally, a garment that is faddish will visually date quickly and be unlikely to 'last' until the next fashion season.




Is the garment strong enough to have second, third, fourth lives?

How will its value hold - is it a classic design, or well constructed, or from a brand that has high resale value?

Is the garment easily repairable?

How can the forthcoming lives of a garment be planned for?

How can users be encouraged to share, swap, loan, and resell their used clothing?


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