Retail is the point at which fashion producers bring their clothes to consumers. Since the 2000s, the rise of fast fashion has seen new product being bought and sold more quickly than ever, with a commensurate rise in waste.


Individually, people can consciously choose to consume more mindfully. In the areas of ethical consumption, consumers may choose goods and services that align with their values, e.g. choosing sweat shop free to ensure workers are paid and treated fairly, or choosing textiles that are more environmentally friendly.


Another question is how to reduce our consumption of physical goods overall. Services replacing goods – the so-called ‘weightless economy’  - is one approach. In other words, retailers could move towards selling services rather than more new clothing. Ideas could be loaning, renting or mending existing garments, styling services, or digital fashion identities!



What retail challenges are there, what opportunities?

How much product is sold, and how rapidly?

Can the garment be a service rather than a product?

How long is it expected to last?

Is it based on short term trends or is it classic in design?

How often will collections be released?


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