The use phase of the garment life cycle can have a high environmental impact in terms of the energy and water used to launder and dry garments.


Part of the use phase includes how users care for the garment, how quickly they purchase and dispose of items, and how this connects to their wider consumption practices.


Care labels can encourage users to wash at lower temperatures, line dry, hand wash rather than dry clean, or wash less often.


Users can also connect more closely with garments through remaking, reworking, altering and sewing their own. Users may want to truly 'own' their garments through customisation.




What are the impacts in the use phase?

How can garments be self-cleaning?

How can users be encouraged to change their use behaviour?

Will the garment fill a short term need, or is it designed to last?

How often is the garment laundered?

Is the garment repaired / repairable?



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